Travelon Set of 3 Large Packing Squares

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Travelon Set of 3 Large Packing Squares

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Ideal for keeping shirts separate from smalls, or paperwork apart from charger cables, this trio of Large Packing Squares from Travelon is sure to help you stay organised, even on the most hectic trip away from home. With see-through mesh panels, colour-coded zips and flat mesh pockets inside, these luggage packing cubes already have many firm fans amongst Lakeland customers.

Well-made and carefully thought out, these packing organisers are actually oblong, not square, despite their name, however that doesn’t stop them being a very cleverly designed trio. There are three sizes in the pack, so you can choose to keep shirts and tops together and away from socks and smalls, or pack paperwork, puzzle books and pens separately from those essential charger cables.

Packing squares for travel

Whether you’re travelling light for a mini break or for business, or planning an extended cruise with a large suitcase holding an extensive wardrobe of glamorous outfits, these clever zip-sided bags are the ultimate can’t-do-without piece of luggage for your next trip away. Chargers, belts, scarves, jewellery, silky lingerie, adaptors and all your other little bits and bobs will be kept together in this trio of zip-up storage pouches. You’ll have a place for everything, and with these soft storage cases, everything will be in its place, just where you expect to find it when you arrive at your destination.

Our customers tell us they love these little cases because they stand up when they’re open, the gusseted sides stop your possessions falling out when you undo the zip and the colour-coded sides help you track down the things you want without having to completely empty a rucksack or suitcase if a security guard wants to see inside.

Because Travelon have thought of everything, these clever travel pouches nest inside each other for neat storage when you get home and unpack.

About Travelon

With more than three decades of experience in the manufacture of luggage, Travelon is now a market leader in the design and creation of travel essentials and accessories. At the forefront of their ethos is a determination to make travel easier and safer for holidaymakers and travellers, no matter where they’re heading.

Product dimensions

Small grey 22 x 19 x 4cm H. Medium lime green 26 x 21 x 4cm H. Large teal blue 32 x 26 x 4cm H.

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