Tovolo Mini Squeegee Scraper and Cleaning Brush

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Tovolo Mini Squeegee Scraper and Cleaning Brush

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A handy little tool for cleaning in and around your kitchen or bathroom sink, the Tovolo Mini Squeegee Brush is double-ended to cover all cleaning bases – flexible squeegee at one end and a tough brush at the other – and it’s safe to use on all smooth surfaces. We’re sure you’ll be able to think of lots of other uses for it too, because in the words of our Buyer, Lisa, “It’s a little cracker”.

Twice the cleaning power

The flexible squeegee end allows maximum contact with smooth surfaces so it’s perfect for dislodging food from the basin in the kitchen, or scraping up toothpaste that’s been left in the bathroom sink. And the strong nylon bristles on the brush end are really effective at getting into and cleaning all those smaller spaces like grout lines, around taps and plugholes, and underneath cooker knobs.

Compact for easy storage, it can also go in your dishwasher for cleaning.

Product dimensions

8.5cm L.

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