Thermacell Halo Mini Patio Shield Mosquito and Midge Repeller Refill

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Thermacell Halo Mini Patio Shield Mosquito and Midge Repeller Refill

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Keep wasps, mosquitos and midges at bay with this handy refill for your Thermacell Halo Mini Mosquito and Midge Repeller, which provides a further 12 hours’ protection from those pesky irritants – that’s a good few nights of enjoying alfresco dinners in the garden.

In the box

Three insect-repelling mats (each lasts for four hours), and one butane canister (which lasts 12 hours).

Each mat contains allethrin, an insect repellent that, when heated by your Thermacell device, is dispersed through the air, creating a 20m Sq. protection zone against stinging and biting menaces.

End of life indicator

Each blue mat will turn white when it loses its insect-repelling properties, so you’ll know it’s time for a change.

About the Thermacell Halo Mini Mosquito & Midge Repeller

With Thermacell’s Halo Mini Mosquito & Midge Repeller, you can enjoy your alfresco dining experiences in peace, as its innovative technology creates a 20m Sq. protection zone to ward off unwanted intruders. Great for the garden, park and even the beach, this mini marvel comes with 12 hours’ worth of protection and a weather-resistant cover to protect it from the elements between uses.


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