Thermacell Halo Mini Patio Shield and Refill Bundle

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Thermacell Halo Mini Patio Shield and Refill Bundle

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  • You should be able to see an orange glow in the view hole (near the top of the device) – this means the device is working and, in 15 minutes (30 minutes in larger areas), you will be protected from flies, midges and mosquitos.
  • If there’s no orange glow, rotate the base to the ‘START’ position again until you see an orange glow through the view hole.
  • When you’re ready to head back indoors, rotate the base to the left until the line points to ‘OFF’ and allow the device to cool completely before storing.
  • End-of-life indicator

    To ensure you keep mini beasties away continuously, the blue repellent-soaked mats will turn white when they are no longer effective, so you’ll know it’s time for a change. Plus, as there’s room to store four mats in the device itself, they’ll always be close at hand. If you’re sitting outside for longer than 4 hours, remember to keep an eye on the time and the mat so you’re not caught out. To change the mat, turn the device off and wait for the grille to cool down before removing the old mat and inserting the new one.

    Please note: for outdoor use only.


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