Suspicious Spuds Coaster Secret Challenge Table Game

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Suspicious Spuds Coaster Secret Challenge Table Game

Product number: 63101

Move over cheesy cracker jokes – if you’re looking for a unique dinner party game, Suspicious Spuds is the ideal way to keep your guests entertained. Simply deal out the coasters to everyone at the table at the beginning of the meal and let the fun begin!

Each coaster is printed with two spud-tacularly silly actions to secretly perform and a highlighted word to subtly wedge into conversation during the meal. Just remember to keep your eyes and ears peeled for other players doing or saying the same things as you – anyone who is bluffing their way through dinner is a Suspicious Spud!

With 18 different coasters included, it’s great for larger groups to play as everyone can pick different characters and different actions, and gives you a different experience every time you play.

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