Spherificator Refill Pack

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Spherificator Refill Pack

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If you’re really into the fun that can be had when playing with the way you present your food, you’ll need this Refill Pack to keep using your Spherificator.

What’s in the pack?

  • 100g sodium alginate – a seaweed extract often used as a thickener, this is ideal for making foams and heat-resistant gels.
  • 100g sodium citrate – the sodium salt of citric acid, which is often used as a preservative, it reduces the acidity of liquid solutions to help turn acidic ingredients into spheres and droplets.
  • 100g calcium lactate – an extract of lactic acid, this soluble powder enables spherification without needing to be heated.

What is spherification?

Spherification is the process of turning liquids and liquidised foods into caviar-style orbs through a chemical reaction, transforming otherwise ordinary dishes into restaurant-worthy works of culinary art. The magic is created when a solution of liquidised food and sodium alginate (and/or, depending on the recipe, sodium citrate) is added to a water bath containing calcium lactate – once the liquid hits the water bath, a chemical reaction takes place, solidifying the liquid into little pearls with a liquid centre – or longer shapes, depending on your method.

Add magic to your meals…

You can create two different sizes of pearls with the nozzles provided, there’s no end to the delicious flavour combinations you can create, and there’s no limit to what you can use them for. You can give the most traditional dishes a modern twist: how impressive will your roast lamb look amid a sea of mint sauce pearls, ready to serve to intrigued guests? Add some bite to your salad with balsamic pearls, or liven up your cheeseboard with a trio of savoury caviars – chive, pickle and red onion would be sure to go down a treat! If you’re looking to host a truly sophisticated dinner party, you could top scallops with lemon pearls or wrap smoked salmon around a bundle of cucumber caviar… our mouths are watering just thinking about the possibilities! It’s perfect for adding instant wow to your desserts too – think cheesecake topped with strawberry pearls, or a tiramisu with coffee pearls. Whatever you go for, you can rest assured that your food will both look and taste amazing.

… and jazz up your drinks

Really impress guests by serving up barworthy cocktails garnished with little pearls bursting with flavour. Add some zing to a mojito with mint or lemon pearls, an extra caffeine kick to an espresso martini with coffee pearls or, for a real grown-up treat, create a whiskey sour with whiskey pearls.

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