simplehuman Slim Touch Bar Kitchen Waste Bin – Silver 40L

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simplehuman Slim Touch Bar Kitchen Waste Bin – Silver 40L

Product number: 24397

With its slim proportions this 40 litre simplehuman touch bar bin is designed to make the most of tight spaces and the stainless steel finish will compliment any interior.


For those who find a pedal annoying or difficult, the easy-open touch bar can be tapped from any angle, with your hip, knee, fingers or elbow to flip the lid which will then stay open until you are ready to close it.

Easy to Empty

Inside there is a robust bucket, making bin emptying simple with its ‘bucket park’ which means you don’t have to lift the bucket out all the way to remove the bag and the lid lifts off easily when that time arrives.

Finger-Print Proof

A fingerprint-proof finish resists smudges to keep the stainless steel shiny for longer and space-efficient hinges combined with nylon slider pads under the base ensure you can slide it right up to a wall or unit, keeping it neatly to hand.


Takes simplehuman’s size M bin liners for a perfect fit with no visible overhang.

10-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

About simplehuman bins

The team at simplehuman pride themselves in solving the small irritations of life, taking a seemingly mundane object like a bin and making it into the best receptacle for rubbish that it can possibly be. At Lakeland we recognise their genius for bringing efficiency to everyday life and have been fans for years. The touch bar bin is just one example of the simplehuman approach to waste management.

Product dimensions

40 litre. 26 x 43 x 71cm H (10¼” x 17” x 28”).

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