Rainbow Dust Double-Ended Edible Food Art Pen – Black

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Rainbow Dust Double-Ended Edible Food Art Pen – Black

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Here’s a great decorating staple – a double-ended Black Food Marker Pen from Rainbow Dust. This icing pen is filled with edible ink, so it’s just what’s needed to add features to icing models and for fine detail on the faces you’ve made with our Animal Face Icing Cutter.

You have a choice of thick or thin nibs (2.5 or 0.5mm) for drawing bold patterns or fine detail and, because you only need the lightest pressure to get the free-flowing ink to run, it’s easy to draw your design straight onto your icing – even when it’s already on the cake.

The edible ink in this icing pen is sugar free.

Please note: nibs should be cleaned in warm water after use.

About Rainbow Dust Colours

The perfect partner to Renshaw’s icing, Rainbow Dust Colours have been developed to help sugar crafters and cake decorators add colour and sparkle to their creations. Their extensive range of edible colours and lustres is used across the world.

The Rainbow Dust Double-Ended Edible Food Art Pen can be used with our Nutcracker Cookies recipe.

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