Prue’s World Stainless Steel Dumpling Press & Cutter

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Prue’s World Stainless Steel Dumpling Press & Cutter

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If you’ve experienced the delights of fried and steamed dumplings whilst travelling around Asia (or at your local Chinese or Japanese restaurant), you’ll love how easy it is to make your own at home with Prue’s World’s Stainless Steel Dumpling Press. Made from durable stainless steel with corrugated edges for an authentic finish – and so you don’t have to crimp them yourself – this easy-to-use press comes complete with a cutter that cuts pastry to fit, so you can impress guests with delicious home-made dumplings without the fiddle and faff that’s usually involved.

Easy to use

For dumpling perfection, lay out your wonton or gyoza sheets and use the stainless steel cutter to cut out a circle. Lay this on the dumpling press, fill with your chosen ingredients, moisten the edges of the wrapper and close the press…when you open it back up, you’ll find a perfectly formed dumpling. Repeat until you have enough for everyone, placing them underneath a damp cloth to keep them moist until you’re ready to cook them all – we suggest frying one side of the dumplings followed by steaming to keep them moist – then serve up and get stuck in! They’re delicious dipped in soy, sweet chilli or hoisin sauces, and if you’re making a big batch you can always freeze some of them to enjoy later.

About our Prue’s World range

We tell anyone who’ll listen – we love to cook and can think of nothing better than finding creative, authentic kitchen tools that make cooking a joyful experience. So when Prue Leith approached us to collaborate on an exciting new range inspired by her trips around the world, we thought all of our birthdays had come at once!

Prue has been everywhere. She’s had an amazing life of cookery and adventure, and her culinary voyages have been a huge influence in this range’s creation. As well as being a passionate chef, founder of Leiths School of Food and Wine, TV personality, restaurateur and writer, she’s a globetrotter with a love of foods from afar, and the cookware in her own kitchen has been cherry-picked from her trips around the world.

A self-confessed Lakeland fan, Prue invited us into her home and we were like children in a sweet shop, exploring her vast, eclectic cookware kit for inspiration. Her wonderful stories behind each piece, as well as Prue’s exacting guidance, has resulted in a range that’s as interesting and colourful as Prue herself.

Prue says “I want everyone to experience the pleasure and satisfaction of producing food to share with others.” Prue tested every item herself to ensure everything worked as it should, and if something wasn’t quite right, she helped us make it perfect.

Made from attractive crushed bamboo zebra wood, ceramics and durable metals, everything in Prue’s global cookware collection is practical enough for everyday use, and will work brilliantly for all of your own culinary adventures. Accented with a pop of vibrant red, they make fabulous gifts for creative cooks, too.


  • Dishwasher safe

Product dimensions

Press 7.5cm Dia. x 4.5cm H. Cutter 9.5cm Dia.

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