Pirate Mask Cookie Cutter

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Pirate Mask Cookie Cutter

Product number: 32607

Give boring biscuits the heave-ho and say ‘ahoy there!’ to swashbuckling baking adventures with this Pirate Mask Cutter.

Easy to use

Made from durable BPA-free plastic so it won’t distort or rust, the detail lines on the cutter makes it easy to create an impressive effect with minimal effort – either leave plain, cut fondant icing with the cutter to place on top of your biscuit or use piped icing to decorate, using the imprinted lines on your biscuit as a guide.

Perfect for parties, me hearties

Decorating biscuit pirate masks is a great activity for children’s parties, and by placing a cake-pop stick in the biscuit dough while it’s still a little soft after baking, your little privateers can hold up their creations like real masks to show everyone their handiwork. Their reward? Getting to eat it! It makes for a fun rainy day activity, too.

10 x 7 x 2cm H.


  • Dishwasher safe

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