Ooni Oak Hardwood Pellets 3KG

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Ooni Oak Hardwood Pellets 3KG

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We’re huge fans of Ooni ovens. You can’t beat the taste of fresh home-made pizza, especially when it’s been cooked in an oven with real wood-fired flames, so make sure you’ve got a 3kg bag of Ooni Oak Hardwood Pellets next time you’re having a pizza party.
The quality of the fuel really does affect the taste of your food, which is why the creators of the Ooni pizza ovens have taken a lot of time and care to find the best flavour-enhancing, energy-efficient fuel for your wood-fired oven in the form of these dried oak hardwood pellets.

Sustainably sourced

The perfect fuel for your wood-fired oven, these FSC-certified premium hardwood pellets are 100% compressed oak hardwood fibre – and nothing else. Being all-natural with no additives and no hidden extras, they burn cleanly to infuse your food with a truly authentic smoky flavour. Try using these pellets when you’re cooking fish or meat, as well as pizzas – we think you’ll be glad you did.

Get cooking in just 10 minutes

Quick and easy to light, these pellets will have your Ooni oven ready to cook in just 10 minutes, and you need as few as 300g of pellets to get going with. Offering a long burn time, they’re really economical too; a 3kg bag of pellets provides 3 to 4 hours of cooking time, and when you think that Ooni ovens cook pizzas to perfection in as little as 60 seconds… imagine how many you could make with just one bag.
Ooni ovens are perfect in the back garden and beyond, and these lightweight pellets won’t weigh you down when you’re on the move. And they leave hardly any ash behind, so there’s very little to clean up at the end of your outdoor cooking session.
Store in a dry place or airtight container to retain optimum fuel efficiency. Can also be used in other pellet grills and barbecues.

About Ooni pizza ovens

Fun, sociable and easy to use, Ooni pizza ovens were invented by a passionate outdoor cook, Kristian Tapaninaho, who couldn’t find an affordable wood-fired pizza oven anywhere. It had to be a premium, wood-fired oven that didn’t cost the earth, wasn’t too big and that could get you cooking in a short amount of time. From that start, Ooni now make a range of back-garden-and-beyond outdoor ovens that can be used with a range of fuels, as well as a host of accessories that have got all your pizzaiolo aspirations covered, whether you’re going camping, heading to the beach, or entertaining at home.
Also available in 10kg bags.


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