Niederegger Dark Chocolate Marzipan Loaves

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Niederegger Dark Chocolate Marzipan Loaves

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What a treat for someone who loves marzipan! These Niederegger Dark Chocolate Marzipan Loaves ooze quality and are a great birthday or Christmas gift. And if you want to score even more brownie points, get them all three flavours.

The pack contains 8 individually wrapped loaves.

The Niederegger Story

Germany’s most famous marzipan factory is in the north in Lübeck, and marzipan is undoubtedly the city’s biggest export. Johann Georg Niederegger, an outstanding confectioner, established the business in 1806, and the original, time-honoured recipe has stayed exactly the same since then – a mixture of almonds, sugar and an ingredient similar to rosewater that gives the unique Niederegger taste.

With its high almond content, it’s less sweet than many marzipans, keeping the true taste and colour of the finest, aromatic Mediterranean almonds that are used, and only the best, most perfect, golden kernels pass the expert gaze of the eagle-eyed ‘checkers’ once the almonds have been blanched. Niederegger make 30 tons of this incredible marzipan every day, crushing the chopped nuts with sugar between giant granite rollers, heating the paste in copper cauldrons until it’s ready to be cooled, wrapped and rested to develop the fullest potential of the almond aroma. And finally, the secret rosewater-like ingredient is added and the marzipan can be turned into one of over 300 marzipan specialities, from fine pralines to novelty shapes as well as the classic chocolate-coated loaves.

The many delicious varieties of this flavoursome treat are renowned the world over – and adored by Lakeland customers.


  • Suitable for vegetarians

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100g – 8 loaves., (499p per 100g.)

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