Melitta Original Unbleached Aromapor Paper Coffee Filters – Pack of 80

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Melitta Original Unbleached Aromapor Paper Coffee Filters – Pack of 80

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Not just for Melitta coffee machines, these high quality Aromapor Paper Coffee Filters have been specially designed to optimise the flavour extraction of your favourite coffee from grounds to cup. Melitta Bentz was the maker of the first ever documented coffee filter, and her company is proud to have followed in her footsteps, making the best possible coffee machines and filter papers that fit into virtually all makes of coffee machine as well as filter jugs and pour-over cup filters.

Aromazones maximise the coffee flavour

Melitta coffee filters are quite different from other brands, patented with three grades of paper in every filter and extra perforations in the higher levels; this creates three distinct aroma zones with advanced multi-layer filtration to get the best results from whatever grounds you are using:

1. UNFOLDING – the lowest band, the so-called ‘pre-brewing zone’, has the thickest, stiffest paper and the fewest perforations to allow a longer infusion so the coffee flavours can develop when you add water to the grounds.

2. REFINING – slightly thinner and with more perforations, this band allows an even and consistent brew time as the coffee develops its flavour.

3. BALANCING – this topmost band is thinner still and more highly perforated. This helps to encourage a balanced taste and aroma with no bitterness.

Unique Aromapor paper

Developed specifically for coffee filters, Aromapor paper is micro-perforated to ensure only the finest coffee flavours make it into your jug or cup to release the fullest flavour. Yet it’s tear-resistant and strong enough to ensure it won’t disintegrate while you’re pouring hot water over your chosen coffee grounds, and the deep seams are firmly crimped so they’ll stay in shape – even on the way to the compost caddy after your coffee’s been enjoyed – but there’s no need for glue of any kind.

Eco-friendly, unbleached and biodegradable

Pale brown in colour, these unbleached Melitta coffee filters are made from FSC-certified paper, and are 100% biodegradable – you can even throw them on your garden compost heap.

Universal size

These filters are a standard size that fit most filter coffee machines no matter what brand, and they’re ideal for any 8-10 cup filter coffee jug.

About Melitta

Founded in the early 1900s after the invention of the very first documented paper coffee filter, Melitta owes its name to the clever German housewife, Melitta Bentz, who made perforations in a metal cup and lined it with some of her son’s blotting paper to create the earliest known filter coffee. This simple innovation made it easier for thousands of people to make delicious coffee without the risk of bitter grounds getting into their cups and the company have gone from strength to strength in the century that’s passed since her coffee-making ingenuity was first put to the test.

They’re now renowned for their coffee-making expertise and work hard to ensure that every aspect of the company is run along the most eco-friendly, energy-efficient lines.

Product dimensions

Size 1×4. Pack of 80.

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