Masontops Wooden Pickle Packer

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Masontops Wooden Pickle Packer

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When you’re prepping veggies for home-made pickles or sauerkraut, this Wooden Pickle Packer vegetable tamper and muddler is perfect for giving them a good pounding to release all the moisture at the start of the process. Then for packing them into jars so you can reduce the volume of air and cram as much produce as possible into your jar to get your ferments off to the best possible start.

Hand-crafted from super-strong untreated acacia wood, it’s been sealed with a food-safe mineral oil to give it long-lasting protection.

Double-ended, so it will fit into most sizes of jars with ease, its curved shape helps it to hug the contours of the jar, making it the perfect packing tool.

Ideal for use with the Ball range of jars or our Lakeland fermentation jars.

If you would like to learn more about fermenting, including free recipes then view our blog piece the Focus on Fermenting.


  • Non-stick friendly

Product dimensions

25.5cm L.

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