Masontops Pickle Pipe Fermentation Airlock Regular 4 Pack

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Masontops Pickle Pipe Fermentation Airlock Regular 4 Pack

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If you’d like to have a go at fermenting at home, but don’t want to invest in lots of specialist kit, these simple, reusable, silicone Pickle Pipe fermentation airlock inserts allow you to turn a screw-top Ball Mason jar into a self-burping fermentation jar.

Designed to fit snugly inside the metal band of the lid and create a perfectly airtight seal, each one features a low-profile spout with a special one-way valve that allows the build-up of natural gases inside the jar to vent automatically without letting unwanted oxygen in.

Ideal for home production of sauerkraut, kimchi and many other popular fermented foods, they’re really quick and easy to fit, and they make the process of fermenting fruit and veg completely faff-free.

If you would like to learn more about fermenting, including free recipes then view our blog piece the Focus on Fermenting.

Pack of 4. One of each colour.

BPA free.

Please note: suitable for use with our Ball Mason jars (except the wide mouth ones).


  • Dishwasher safe

Product dimensions

Approx. 7cm Dia. x 2cm H.

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