madesmart Elevated Sink Drying Mat

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madesmart Elevated Sink Drying Mat

Product number: 62454

Not enough room on your draining board? Need somewhere to dry off delicate glassware and crockery? We have the answer: the Elevated Sink Mat from madesmart. Designed to sit inside your sink, this raised mat is made from a soft, cushioning non-slip material that’s perforated with holes to increase airflow and help excess water drain away for quicker drying, while raised edges ensure nothing slips off.

Made from polypropylene and TPR.

About madesmart

Tired of cluttered homes, madesmart’s range of innovative storage solutions aims to help you keep your home neat, tidy and organised. Since their inception in 1990, madesmart have designed products to help you organise your kitchen, bathroom, drawers and cupboards which are both stylish and functional, while also being long-lasting and affordable.

Product dimensions

Approx. 33 x 30cm.

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