Mad Millie Kefir Kit Refill

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Mad Millie Kefir Kit Refill

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If you’ve used the Mad Millie Kefir Kit before and want to be able to make more of this amazing drink, the sachets in this Mad Millie kefir culture pack are just what you need.
Just add a sachet of the culture to soy, coconut or dairy milk or juice, leave for 24 hours, then shake and enjoy!

2 sachets of culture. Each sachet makes a litre of Kefir and if you save a little you can make two more batches from the first.

Packed with 8 strains of live culture, high in easily digestible protein, valuable B vitamins, calcium and other essential minerals, Kefir is thought to have many health benefits, including helping to promote and maintain a healthier digestive and immune system.

Every bit as versatile as natural yoghurt, it’s loaded with probiotics in the form of beneficial yeasts and bacteria, so it’s really good for you. Delicious sweetened with agave or vanilla, you can also drink it as it is, pour it over cereal, make it into a tasty smoothie or use it to make your own Kefir cheese.

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