LocknLock Duo Pot Large 2-Way Container 360 Plus 310ml

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LocknLock Duo Pot Large 2-Way Container 360 Plus 310ml

Product number: 62969

Soggy salad getting you down? Solve the problem of keeping your salad and favourite dressing separate with the LocknLock Large Duo Pot. This clever two-way container features two clear round pots – 360ml and 310ml – connected by a red lid that doubles as a divider to keep your foods separate until you’re ready – it’s ideal for storing crunchy cereal and milk, crisp salad and your favourite dressing, yoghurt and fresh fruit, nuts, toppings and much more.

100% airtight and watertight thanks to the lid’s screw-top silicone seal, this clever container is compact, convenient and easy to transport and hold, and is even microwave safe (with the lid loosened) so you can heat up your snack when you get to your destination.

About LocknLock

Once you’ve used a LocknLock container there will be no turning back. Testament to this fact are the rows and rows of them in our staff room fridge!

They’re also great for leftovers and can go straight from the freezer to the microwave for reheating. Sturdy enough to be used time and time again with very little chance of wear and tear, They’re easy to open and close so it’s simple to get the lids on or off.

Top pot approx. 310ml, 7cm Dia. x 5cm H. Bottom pot approx. 360ml, 7cm Dia. x 5cm H.


  • Freezer safe
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe

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