KitchenAid 7-Speed Hand Mixer Contour Silver 5KHM7210BCU

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KitchenAid 7-Speed Hand Mixer Contour Silver 5KHM7210BCU

Product number: 63554

Powerful and efficient, mixing cookies, cakes, sauces, batters, waffles, pancakes and Yorkshire puddings has never been simpler, or more stylish, than with KitchenAid’s 7-Speed Silver Contour Hand Mixer.

Stainless steel mixing tools included

  • Turbo beaters – Ideal for cake batter and cookie dough, these clever beaters have been designed without a central post, so they mix ingredients thoroughly without clogging up in the middle.
  • Balloon whisk – Ideal for whipping heavy cream and mousse mixtures, beating egg whites and meringue, this 16-wire whisk gives excellent aeration.

The super-efficient design of KitchenAid’s tools mean that ingredients will be blended faster than your recipe might suggest – so, until you get used to its power, it’s important to observe the mixture and its texture and not rely purely on recipe timings. The beaters and whisk are dishwasher safe.

7 speeds for great control

Whatever you want to mix, there’s a speed to suit, whether it’s the lowest setting to combine chunky ingredients like nuts or chocolate chips; the third for mixing runny batters, the fifty for mixing up cakes or the top speed to whisk egg whites. And it automatically resets and starts at the lowest setting every time it’s turned on, so there’s less danger of sending mixture flying all over your kitchen if you last used it on a high speed.

One-press ejector button

There’s no need to wrestle with sticky beaters when it’s time to stop mixing – the ejector button just lets them drop wherever you want for easy washing up.

Swivel cord for flexibility

Giving you the freedom to create from any angle – whether that’s to suit your stronger hand, or to fit in with the position of your kitchen’s sockets – you can lock the wipe-clean cord into either the left or right side of this electric hand mixer.

Model No. 5KHM7210BCU

About KitchenAid

Instantly recognisable, KitchenAid’s appliances are a winning match of iconic good looks and durable, uncompromising performance. Their pleasingly rounded retro shapes make for a range of designer desirables that anyone will be proud to have on display, and are designed, developed and manufactured to the highest possible standards.

20 x 8 x 15cm H. 1.1kg. Flex 150cm. 85W.

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