Joseph Joseph EasyStore Compact Shower Squeegee

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Joseph Joseph EasyStore Compact Shower Squeegee

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Unlike a lot of squeegees, which can be awkwardly shaped, hard to store and not particularly attractive, Joseph Joseph’s EasyStore Squeegee is really slim, neat and discreet, with a handy hook at one end so it can be hung from the top of a shower screen.

Perfect for glass, mirrors and tiles, its blade is made from flexible silicone for precise cleaning and water-wiping-away, and it’s suitable for use on curved as well as flat surfaces – handy if you’ve got a curving shower screen.

ABS plastic and silicone.

About Joseph Joseph

Innovative and practical, the design team at Joseph Joseph are renowned for their skills in adding a little sophistication and fun to the most mundane household helpers. And, no matter what they turn their minds to redesigning, we always wonder ‘why didn’t we think of that?’

Blade 25cm W.

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