Huski Home Rice Husk Lunch Box – Pistachio Green

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Huski Home Rice Husk Lunch Box – Pistachio Green

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If you’re looking for a more sustainable lunch box, then look no further than the Huski Lunch Box. Resplendent in a beautiful shade of pistachio green, this stylish eco-friendly box is made from recycled rice husk and is perfect for keeping your butties safe until lunchtime.

Smart, sturdy and sustainable

This large capacity box has two storage compartments so you can keep your main lunch and pudding or snacks separate – the main compartment is 800ml and the smaller top one stores up to 350ml, and the top compartment is removable too. There’s two collapsible handles so it’s easy to carry and store, as well as a hinged locking lid with two chunky hinges to keep your food securely inside. Durable and strong so it’ll last for years, it won’t smash when dropped and is great for cold and hot foods – it’s heat-resistant up to 100°C – and comes apart for easy cleaning. It’s free from unnecessary packaging too so less goes into landfill – so you can munch away with a clear conscience!

What is rice husk?

Rice husk is the protective outer shell of the grain that keeps the grains safe during the growing season, and which is discarded when rice is processed as a food crop. Harvested in huge quantities throughout the world, rice husk is traditionally difficult to be disposed of, as it can be a biohazard if not disposed of properly. Huski Home recycles rice husks to create a durable, environmentally friendly, non-toxic material that’s free from BPA, melamine and silicone, making it ideal for creating sustainable food-safe lunchware.

About Huski Home

A family-run company, Huski Home creates eco-friendly, reusable homewares from natural waste, in order to eliminate the need for existing and single-use plastics which end up in landfill. They found a way to recycle rice husks into a durable, reusable non-toxic material to make their cups and lunch boxes, they repurpose natural waste like coconut shells and wood from non-fruit-bearing coconut trees to create tableware and cutlery, and they’ve even developed a disposable straw made from natural bulrush stems in a bid to cut down on plastic waste.

1.2 litre. 15cm Sq. x 9cm H.


  • Freezer safe

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