HumyDry Modern Moisture Absorber Refills – Pack of 3

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HumyDry Modern Moisture Absorber Refills – Pack of 3

Product number: 46248

Hot showers, kettles, cooking and even just breathing can overload your home’s atmosphere with moisture – and if this level creeps over 50% it can lead to problems with condensation, odours and mildew – so it’s great to know that HumyDry’s Refills for the Modern Moisture Absorber can be used to solve the problem.

Pop one into your dehumidifier and it will efficiently absorb excess dampness from the air in that room, without adding to your electricity bill.

Use anywhere

Suitable for anywhere in your home or office, a simple moisture absorber like this helps reduce allergens and improves indoor air quality – particularly useful for second homes, caravans and camper vans where ventilation is infrequent, as it stops things getting musty and damp while you’re away. It also helps to regulate the moisture level at home and makes it easier to warm up or cool down a room.


  • Environmental hazard

Product dimensions

Pack of 3 – each 500g.

Useful documents

  • description Ingredients / Allergens (PDF)

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