Hagerty Silver Tarnish Remover Cleaning Gloves

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Hagerty Silver Tarnish Remover Cleaning Gloves

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Whisk away previously unmovable tarnish in the shortest time, with minimal effort using these Hagerty Silver Cleaning Gloves. Hagerty are experts at making the laborious but rewarding chore of cleaning and polishing the family silver quicker and easier.

What’s their secret? The addition of an invisible tarnish-retarding barrier that effectively locks out tarnish 5-10 times longer than ordinary polishes, so silver shines on and on.

How to Use

Impregnated with Hagerty’s tarnish preventers, the dirtier these gloves get, the better the results. Simply put the gloves on and rub the silver or silver plate lightly. This will restore the shine and renew the anti-tarnish protection. What’s more, your hands will stay clean.

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, Pair.

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