EasiYo Everyday Desserts Flavour Selection Yoghurt Mix x 5

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EasiYo Everyday Desserts Flavour Selection Yoghurt Mix x 5

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If you’re bored of eating plain yoghurt, the Everyday Dessert Flavour Selection by EasiYo is a delicious, flavourful alternative. Made from natural ingredients, it offers a range of yummy dessert flavour yoghurt to make at home and enjoy – crème brûlée, vanilla, cappuccino, caramelised apple and salted caramel. Perfect for breakfast, snacking or even an after-dinner treat… it’s time to grab a spoon!

Each of the sachets makes 1 kilo of yoghurt in the EasiYo 1kg Yoghurt Maker. And, once made, it’ll keep in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.

About EasiYo yoghurt

Delicious and nutritious, EasiYo’s yoghurt is really easy to make and just the thing for keeping you going until lunchtime. A helpful source of protein and calcium with absolutely no artificial ingredients but lots of great flavour, there are plenty of good reasons to love making your own yummy home-made yoghurt. It’s gluten-free and, with so many tasty options to choose from, you can enjoy sinking your spoon into a different one every day. Even better, because you make it fresh, there’s no need for artificial ingredients, flavours, colours, thickeners or preservatives – it’s just naturally thick, creamy and delicious.

Home-Made Yoghurt in THREE simple steps

  • Mix & Fill – Half-fill the EasiYo Yogurt Jar with water, add the contents of your sachet, shake well and then top it up to the fill line with more water.
  • Heat & Wait – Fill your Yogurt Maker to the top of the baffle with boiling water, place the jar inside and make sure the lid is securely fastened. In just 8-12 hours, your delicious yoghurt will be ready. Tip: if you like thicker yoghurt, leave it for longer… some super-patient customers even wait for 24 hours to make sure it’s just how they like it.
  • Chill – Dry the jar and pop it in the fridge to chill before you eat your first delicious helping of home-made yoghurt.
  • No Plugs, No Batteries – the wool-insulated flask does all the work for you.
  • Please note: EasiYo recommend that water used for mixing is best at room temperature – 15-20°C.

    About EasiYo

    EasiYo began in New Zealand in 1992 – the creation of a physics teacher who wanted to teach his eight children about healthy eating – EasiYo Yogurt mixes are packed with live cultures of ‘friendly bacteria’. Following its success in the UK over the last decade or so, EasiYo are saving on food miles by making it here, with creamy milk from Irish cows free to eat the lush grass in their meadows.


    • Suitable for vegetarians
    • Gluten free

    Product dimensions

    5 x sachets – each makes 1kg yoghurt.

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