Dry:Soon Drying Pod Clip Strip Smalls Dryer

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Dry:Soon Drying Pod Clip Strip Smalls Dryer

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If you love your DrySoon Drying Pod or Heated Airer and want to make them even more useful, here’s their perfect partner – the Clip Strip Smalls Dryer. Libby from our Buying team wanted to find a way to dry her smalls, so we came up with this simple-yet-clever device to help her do just that.
Simply fix the Clip Strip around one of the Drying Pod’s arms, using the press stud fastening, then hang your socks, underwear and other small items using the 10 attached pegs. It makes the most of the unused space in the Drying Pod, and works just as well with our other DrySoon heated airers.

Dry:Soon Heated Airers: a revolution in laundry

When we introduced our first heated tower airer in 2008 we knew it was a winner, but we weren’t prepared for just how quickly it would race to the top of the bestsellers’ list – or how long it would stay there. Since then we’ve not only developed our Standard range but also introduced a Deluxe range, a Drying Pod and in response to customer suggestions, added a selection of handy accessories to make them the best airers ever.

Please ensure the Clip Strip is positioned so that it doesn’t cover the Drying Pod’s fan.

Approx. 3.5 x 72cm.

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