Dinosaur Cake Decorating Stencil

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Dinosaur Cake Decorating Stencil

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Create a dino-tastic bake with ease with this Dinosaur Cake Decorating Stencil. Featuring a suitably prehistoric scene, complete with dinosaurs, pterosaur, clouds and a smoking volcano, this circular stencil is so easy to use – simply place it on a flat-topped, iced cake and airbrush with colouring spray or dust with coloured icing sugar, cocoa powder or lustre dust to create a roarsome bake. It even has two small holes that you can poke toothpicks through to make sure it’s perfectly positioned on your cake before you start decorating, and has two small handles to help you remove the stencil from your cake to reveal the colourful fun design.

BPA-free polypropylene.

25cm Dia.

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