Dalla Costa Tricolour Dinosaur Pasta Shapes 250g

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Dalla Costa Tricolour Dinosaur Pasta Shapes 250g

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Every child loves dinosaurs and now, with these Dinosaur Pasta Shapes, you can serve them up to your budding palaeontologists at teatime! Fabulous for birthday teas, Friday night sleepovers or just because… dish up a T-Rex-themed treat with your favourite pasta sauce and you’re not just making supper, you’re creating special memories.

Fun to look at, fun to cook and even more fun to eat, Dalla Costa’s pasta shapes are a brilliant way to introduce your little ones to the joys of eating pasta. Made from only the finest durum wheat semolina, the intense colours of the red and green shapes are created by the addition of real tomato and spinach, while the pasta is dried slowly to ensure the shapes won’t turn to mush when they’re cooked – it’s a huge step up from the tinned alphabet spaghetti of our childhood… Hold it! Maybe we should just keep them for the grown-ups after all?

About Dalla Costa – the heart of Italian pasta

Based in Treviso, Italy, this famous family company was founded in 1993 by three brothers. They wanted to develop the skills they’d inherited from three generations of pasta makers before them, but to create a range of traditional, bespoke and novelty pasta shapes. Always made from the finest durum wheat pasta, coloured and flavoured with the finest natural ingredients, Dalla Costa pasta shapes are pressed through cast bronze moulds to produce sharply defined shapes with a surface texture that holds onto Italian pasta sauces with ease.

They pride themselves on using only the best quality ingredients: the finest Italian durum wheat semolina, the purest water (piped up from 90 metres below their factory) and the very best flavourings, and they have installed a huge range of photovoltaic panels on the roof of their factory to minimise their impact on the environment.

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