Clean and Gleam Replacement Pad For Bathroom Mop

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Clean and Gleam Replacement Pad For Bathroom Mop

Product number: 24501

For when your Clean ‘n’ Gleam Bathroom Mop is in need of a new head, this replacement one will feel like a brand new mop.

About the Clean ‘n’ Gleam Bathroom Mop

With a smaller head to fit in between bathroom fixtures, our Clean ‘n’ Gleam Deep Clean Bathroom Mop is ideal for keeping your bathroom cleaning. Easily attaching via hook and loop attachments, the super-efficient microfibre pads cut through dirt and grime without the use of harsh chemicals, for a pristine bathroom with as little effort as possible.

About our Clean ‘n’ Gleam Range

Clean and gleaming – our range of cleaning essentials do exactly what they say on the pack with not a chemical in sight.

Each set of cloths comprises one cloth for damp cleaning to remove grease and dirt, and another to polish surfaces to a streak-free shine, their tiny microfibers penetrating very nook and cranny. Dedicated cloths for hard surfaces all around your home, they’re labelled so you know which one is which.

The range now also includes mops to help you keep the hard floors around your house gleaming too.

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