Chicago Metallic Pie Weight for Blind Baking Pastry

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Chicago Metallic Pie Weight for Blind Baking Pastry

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Ceramic baking beans are brilliant for blind baking pastry, but Chicago Metallic’s Pie Weight is a fantastic alternative if you find pouring beans in and removing them a bit too time-consuming and fiddly. It works just as well too.

Made from perforated steel, the metal disc conducts heat to crisp up your pastry as it cooks, while the little holes let moisture escape and prevent any sogginess, and its weight stops your pastry from bubbling up away from the base of your tin.

Designed to fit most standard pie dishes, the silicone ‘fins’ round the edge make it a great one-size-fits-all design, as they’ll shape to the inside of your tin, especially if it’s got a curved base. And the silicone rim round the edge of the metal disc makes it really easy to place inside your tin and remove it – so there’ll be no more chasing the last hot little baking bean round and round your tin when you’re done!

Oven-safe up to 230˚C.

Free from BPA.

About Chicago Metallic

Generations of bakers have relied on Chicago Metallic products for their quality, professional-grade craftsmanship and sturdy design. Durable, non-stick and designed for ease of use, their range of tins bakes each recipe to excellence and makes clean-up effortless.


  • Oven safe

Product dimensions

21.5cm Dia. including silicone fins.

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