CellarDine Winged Corkscrew

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CellarDine Winged Corkscrew

Product number: 63044

Is there a better sound than that delightful ‘pop’ when a cork comes away from a bottle of wine? Perhaps only the glugluglug as the wine is poured into your glass. Making it quick and easy to extract all types of cork, including synthetic ones, this smart Winged Corkscrew has comfortable rubber-coated handles and a heavy-duty stainless steel worm to remove even the most stubborn cork.

Made from high-quality nickel-coated stainless steel, it also includes a bottle opener for crown cap bottles.

About CellarDine

International barware experts, CellarDine have designed, developed and introduced many innovative and high quality products to the market – often spending years to ensure the resulting innovation is the best it can be – and like us, they believe in testing things to the nth degree. Remember, if a thing is simple and easy to use, it’s probably taken years to develop!

20.5cm L.


  • Non-stick friendly

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