Bona Premium Microfibre Floor Mop for all Hard Floors

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Bona Premium Microfibre Floor Mop for all Hard Floors

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Cleaning and polishing floors isn’t everyone’s favourite household chore, but it’s a breeze with Bona’s Premium Microfibre Floor Mop. Easy to manoeuvre with a swivel head and telescopic handle, it’s the perfect tool for bringing a shine back to any sealed hard floors in your home.

Perfectly polished floors

The extra-large microfibre mop head means it only takes a few sweeps to get your floor clean, and if you’re a bit over-energetic with your cleaning, the mop head also has soft, flexible rubberised corners that act like bumpers to protect your furniture and skirting boards from accidental bashes. The large pad size means it’s especially suited to applying polish to your floor – simply spray your cleaner or polish onto the pad, or directly onto the floor, and off you go.

Clean hard floors with ease

Suitable for sealed wood and hard floor surfaces, this lightweight mop has an easy-to-manoeuvre swivel head, letting you get around corners and under furniture with ease, while the adjustable telescopic handle is comfortable to grip and has a hanging hole in the handle so you can store it neatly.

Microfibre pad

Featuring all the impressive, tough-yet-gentle cleaning qualities of microfibre, the reusable pad’s unique design with dual zone cleaning action means it’s 2.5 times more absorbent than other cleaning pads. It cleans by breaking up, trapping and absorbing grease and dirt which ordinary mops leave behind, and can be machine-washed up to 500 times.

Use with Bona’s specialist floor polishes to give surfaces a glossy finish and protect against wear and tear.

About Bona

Trusted by discerning professionals since 1919 and giving beautiful results every time, Bona are specialists in keeping your wooden and laminate floors looking their best with minimal effort. Passionate about the beauty of wooden floors, Bona’s range of innovative mops and cleaning solutions help you bring out all of this natural beauty quickly and easily.

Pad 42 x 10.5cm. Telescopic handle extends up to 132cm.

*Removes 99% of E. coli and Listeria from wood or LVT flooring when using the Bona Microfiber Cleaning Pad with Bona Wood Floor Cleaner, Bona Stone, Tile & Laminate Floor Cleaner, Bona OxyPower Floor Deep Cleaner or water; Tested at an independent accredited lab

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