Bobino Zipper Clip – Pack of 2

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Bobino Zipper Clip – Pack of 2

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Backpacks are super-useful, but out of sight on your back can mean easy to steal from. Bobino’s Zipper Clips are handy little helpers that hold double zips securely together, keeping your stuff safely inside.

Just thread the little ring on each half through one of the zipper tabs, then click the halves together. Taking them apart so you can open up your bag is a lot trickier – there’s a knack to it that takes practise to get right – so it makes a great deterrent to any would-be thieves that might be eyeing it up in a crowd.

And if there’s a phantom food ‘borrower’ in your office, it’s also handy for keeping sneaky fingers out of zip-up lunch bags!

About Bobino

Since its early days in 2007, Bobino have gone from making a single mobile phone holder to producing numerous award-winning products, receiving worldwide recognition for their forward-thinking inventions. With their aim to make everyday life easier through innovation, they’ve taken many common inconveniences and designed products to fix them.

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Each 4cm H. Pack of 2.

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