Bobino Cable Tags – Pack of 10

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Bobino Cable Tags – Pack of 10

Product number: 46074

Some things are easy to tell apart. Cables aren’t. That’s why Bobino’s Cable Tags are so useful, helping you identify which cable is which in all those back-of-the-desk, behind-the-TV or kitchen-countertop tangles of wires.

At-a-glance identification

The different colours make for easy cable differentiation, and the clever people at Bobino even thought to put more than one colour in the pack, so you can put a tag on both ends of your wires if needed, and you can use any ballpoint or marker pen to write on the tags. So you’ll always know your blender from your slow cooker, as it would be rather upsetting to return home to find that the warming winter stew that you’ve been looking forward to all day is stone cold and raw!

About Bobino

Since its early days in 2007, Bobino have gone from making a single mobile phone holder to producing numerous award-winning products, receiving worldwide recognition for their forward-thinking inventions. With their aim to make everyday life easier through innovation, they’ve taken many common inconveniences and designed products to fix them.

Product dimensions

Fit cables up to 1cm thick.

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