Assorted Self-Adhesive Felt Furniture Pads

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Assorted Self-Adhesive Felt Furniture Pads

Product number: 62451

Protect your floors and furniture from scratches and other damage – and move furniture around safely – with these soft yet robust self-adhesive Assorted Felt Pads.

Protect floors and furniture

If your home is home to any kind of hard floor, from cherished hardwood and polished parquet to tiles, laminate and lino, you’ll know only too well the harm an inadvertently hard-pushed piece of furniture can cause. Scrapes and scratches not only look unsightly, they can cause damage that goes too deep to be polished out. Stick these discreet self-adhesive pads under the legs of tables, sofas and chairs, and the friendly felt will protect your floors from scuffs and marks for evermore.
With two sizes of circle and one large pad that can be cut to size.

Product dimensions

1 large pad 10 x 20cm, 9 x 28mm circles, 12 x 22mm circles.

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