Absorb Bin Fat Trappers Refills Large x 3

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Absorb Bin Fat Trappers Refills Large x 3

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No more pouring cooking oil and fat down the sink! Absorb Bin eliminates the risk of blocked drains by providing a quick, easy, trouble-free way to dispose of fatty kitchen waste – and its sleek, modern design means it will look good on your kitchen work surface too.

Just place this fat trapper into Absorb Bin and pour any cooking oil and fat into the centre to help it disperse quickly and evenly. The super absorbent material soaks fat up in minutes and, even used every day, it will last about a week before it gets saturated. Once its work is done, it can be removed, popped straight into your bin and replaced. No mess, no fuss – and no more blocked drains.

For use with the Large Absorb Bin.

Pack of 3.

Product dimensions

Approx. 25 x 15 x 3cm.

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