6 Freeze-Lok Bags

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6 Freeze-Lok Bags

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Ensure your frozen goods are perfectly preserved in these super-lightweight reusable food storage bags, which keep items frozen for up to 6 hours.

Incredibly compact when folded, they’re ideal for the supermarket run and a real boon when defrosting your freezer. They work using Freeze-Lok Technology, so no ice packs are required, and they’re reusable too.

Coming in a pack of 6, each one is double-lined to provide a high level of insulation and can hold up to 18kg.

Please note: These bags are most effective when full. Simply fill with chilled or frozen groceries, then fold, tie or clip the bags closed at the top. If only placing a few small items in the bag, we recommend checking the contents every couple of hours, or more frequently in warmer conditions. For best results, if defrosting your freezer, we recommend mixing smaller items (such as veg) with larger items (such as meat).

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48 x 69cm.

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