45 PME Greaseproof Mini Bon Bon Cake Cases – Metallic Silver

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45 PME Greaseproof Mini Bon Bon Cake Cases – Metallic Silver

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Whether you’re serving bite-size savoury nibbles at an evening get-together or making a mix of sweet mini-treats for a celebration afternoon tea, these Silver Mini Bon-Bon Cake Cases are sure to help your creations shine! And they’re as practical as they’re pretty. Tougher and thicker than most on the market, these little bonbon cases hold their shape in the oven time and the greaseproof lining means the metallic outer won’t affect the taste of your little treats in any way.

Pack of 45.

Base 3.5cm Dia.

About PME Metallic Cake Cases

Since securing contracts with the British Army in 1970 for supplying cake decorating supplies – yes soldiers eat cakes too! – PME (Precision Machining Engineers) have focussed their engineering expertise on producing high quality cake decoration equipment and these metallic cake cases are no exception.

Our customers love them because, unlike many on the market, their metallic outer layer doesn’t peel away from the inner and, because they’re extra thick, they hold their shape perfectly in the oven. They’re lined with greaseproof paper to prevent your cake mixtures from interacting with the case while baking, avoiding unwanted flavours, and making it easy to peel the case away cleanly when it’s time to dive in.

Product dimensions

Pack of 45 3.5cm Dia. top.

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