4 Clean and Gleam Kitchen and Bathroom Cleaning Cloths

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4 Clean and Gleam Kitchen and Bathroom Cleaning Cloths

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Designed to leave your home clean and gleaming, these four colour-coded Kitchen and Bathroom Cleaning Cloths are sure to become your go-to buddies when it comes to getting speedy results all over your home – their tiny microfibres penetrate every nook and cranny to leave surfaces sparkling using only water.

Two cleaning cloths

Use them dampened with water to wipe away dirt, soap scum and mildew from any bathroom or kitchen surface, including tiles, shower screens, taps, baths and more.

Multipurpose cleaning cloth

Use damp to clean away dirt and grease from your oven and hob, countertops and splashbacks.Polishing cloth

Use this cloth dry on just-cleaned worktops, mirrors, tiles, shower screens and windows to buff them to a streak-free shine.

About our Clean ‘n’ Gleam Range

Clean and gleaming – our range of cleaning essentials do exactly what they say on the pack with not a chemical in sight, but if you’d prefer, you can use them with your favourite cleaning products and they’ll do a brilliant job.

Machine washable, they’re simple to keep looking good, and they’ll last for ages and ages.

40cm Sq.

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