3-Piece Standard Icing Bag Nozzle Coupler Set with Cap

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3-Piece Standard Icing Bag Nozzle Coupler Set with Cap

Product number: 32633

Switching between piping nozzles to get different effects shouldn’t mean using a different piping bag every time (what a waste!). This 3-piece Standard Icing Bag Coupler Set means you can easily switch between nozzles and carry on piping, and it comes with a storage cap, so you can seal up and store unused icing or buttercream inside the bag.

What you get

  • Coupler – fits into the end of any piping bag once its end has been snipped off.
  • Coupler ring – once you’ve slid your chosen nozzle over the end of the coupler, pop this over the end and screw it onto the coupler to hold the nozzle firmly in place. Now you’re ready to pipe.
  • Cap – fits neatly on the end of the coupler once the coupler ring and nozzle have been removed – perfect if you need to break off from icing for a while, but still want to seal up the bag to use what’s left in it later.

Fits all standard-sized piping nozzles.

BPA free.

Coupler 2.5cm Dia. x 5cm L.


  • Dishwasher safe

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