3 Moopops Reusable Silicone Milk Bottle Tops

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3 Moopops Reusable Silicone Milk Bottle Tops

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Far less fiddly than the usual foil tops you get on milk bottles, Moopops’ 3 Reusable Milk Bottle Tops also help to keep your just-off-the-doorstep pints fresher for longer.

If you get pints of milk delivered to your door, you’ll be familiar with those thin foil tops that are either impossible to peel off, tear, or warp into such a weird shape when you press down on them that they won’t fit back on the bottle. These made-to-fit-perfectly silicone bottle tops go on and come off easily, and create an airtight seal so your milk stays as fresh as possible.

And with one each of blue, orange and yellow, Moopops are also a great help if you get more than one type of milk delivered – it’s easy to tell your whole milk from your semi-skimmed from your skimmed in the fridge if they’re always wearing the same coloured hat.


Approx. 4cm Dia. – fit standard glass pint milk bottles.


  • Freezer safe
  • Dishwasher safe

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