2pc PME Bell-Shaped Icing Cutters

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2pc PME Bell-Shaped Icing Cutters

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Ding dong merrily on high, in heaven the bells are ringing… And they can be all over your Christmas bakes too with this pair of PME Bell Icing Cutters.

Perfect for topping mince pies with pastry lids that are a bit different from the average, these little cutters are ideal for creating wedding bells for an engaged couple or for a multi-tiered wedding cake too.

Stainless steel.

About Knightsbridge PME

Since securing contracts with the British Army Catering Corps in 1970 to manufacture their cake decorating supplies – yes, soldiers eat cakes too! – London-based PME (Precision Machining Engineers) have focused their engineering expertise on producing high-quality cake decorating equipment. A merger with the Knightsbridge Bakeware Centre followed, and they now run several highly respected cake decorating schools around the world, in addition to creating innovative, durable cake decorating products.

Small 2 x 2cm, large 2.7 x 3cm.

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