28 Anti-Slip Sound-Absorbing Drawer & Cupboard Stoppers

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28 Anti-Slip Sound-Absorbing Drawer & Cupboard Stoppers

Product number: 62450

Thud! Bang! Slam! If your house reverberates to the sound of kitchen/bathroom/bedroom drawers and cupboards being closed… a little less gently than they could be, help is at hand. Just stick these little transparent rubber pads on the frames of drawers, cupboards and wardrobes, and they’ll absorb both the noise and impact of doors and drawers being ‘firmly’ shut. And the strong adhesive will hold them in place for ‘sorry!’ after ‘oops!’ after ‘it just slipped out of my hand!’ after ‘I don’t know my own strength’, so they’ll carry on protecting your furniture for a long time.

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Each 12mm Dia. Pack of 28.

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