2 Ring Shaped Icing Nozzles

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2 Ring Shaped Icing Nozzles

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Fantastic icing flowers that turn a boring bake into a centrepiece worth celebrating… no, you don’t need any specialist skills or fancy equipment – just a squeeze of a piping bag fitted with one of these 2 Ring-Shaped Icing Nozzles.

How to make icing flowers

Easy-squeezy does it! Place either of the nozzles into a piping bag with the end snipped off, then spoon in your buttercream icing. Hold the bag perfectly upright, with the end of the nozzle just above the surface of your cake. Squeeze the bag to pipe a perfectly round ring of icing with a ribbed, flower-like top and a hole in the middle, then lift it away.

Once you’ve topped your cake with these outer rings of ‘petals’, you can fill the centre with sprinkles or sweets to finish off the flowers. And when you’re a master of the art, you can make double-decker flowers by using the larger nozzle first, then piping a different colour on top using the smaller nozzle.

Please note: piping bag not included.

Set of 2.


  • Dishwasher safe

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