2 Kilner Glass Snack and Store Pots 125ml

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2 Kilner Glass Snack and Store Pots 125ml

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If you’re trying to cut plastic out of your life, you’ll love these sturdy little Glass Snack & Store Pots from the kitchen storage experts at Kilner. Leakproof silicone lids in contrasting colours make it easy to spot at a glance whether you’re choosing a sweet or savoury snack from your bag and, being made from glass, they’ll never stain.

Watertight and leakproof

These dinky Kilner jars are ideal for transporting snack-sized portions of seeds, nuts, fruit or veg and, as the snap-on silicone lids are really secure, you can carry yoghurt-based elevenses, or home-made salad dressings to add to lunch without worrying about leakages.

Easy to clean

Being made from glass and silicone, they’re dishwasher safe and naturally BPA-free.

About Kilner

First established in England in the 1840s, Kilner is an iconic brand, renowned for high-quality glassware that is always embossed with their unmistakable logo.



  • Freezer safe
  • Dishwasher safe

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