10 Writing and Chocolate Piping Nozzles with Bags

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10 Writing and Chocolate Piping Nozzles with Bags

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If you want to add really precise, delicate decorations to cakes or handmade chocolates, you need these Writing & Chocolate Piping Nozzles. Thinner than normal to give you more control, they’re perfect for adding writing, really fine lines and millimetre-perfect designs in both icing and chocolate, and with no drips, spots or splatters.

Just cut the tip off one of the mini piping bags, and insert one of the green nozzles, complete with its blue drip-free cap. Once you’ve filled the bag with your chosen icing or chocolate, remove the blue cap and start piping or drizzling, remembering to replace the blue cap when you’re done. Perfectly precise results, every time.

Piping nozzles are dishwasher safe. Free from BPA.


  • Dishwasher safe

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