10 Brabantia Size H PerfectFit Drawstring Bin Bags 50-60L

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10 Brabantia Size H PerfectFit Drawstring Bin Bags 50-60L

Product number: 24441

Why spoil the look of a smart bin with wisps of bin bag sprouting from under the lid? Brabantia prefer to keep things neat, and so they’ve created their own range of bin liners with precisely tailored proportions.

The size H bin liner is uniquely colour-coded to match the badges on 50 -60 litre Brabantia bins, ensuring that you will never be uncertain of which pack to order.

The liner itself is made from extra-strong, double-layered polyethylene plastic with super-strong seams and sturdy tie tapes ‘hemmed’ into the tops mean that heading outside on bin day will always be a doddle.

Size H (grey tab). 50-60 litres.

About Brabantia

With 100 years’ experience, Brabantia create homeware that is practical, reliable and long-lasting. Known as the ‘solid company’, they put attention to detail into everything they do, resulting in attractive products that are built to last.

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Pack of 10.

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